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Out the window the sun sets in Paris. It has set New York, it is setting in Los Angeles, and it is very dark in Berlin. The clink of people?s glasses is a shot heard around the world, but only by those with a certain aptitude for hearing it. In a kitchen there is a group of well dressed, young and sexy professionals cheers-ing and giggling. Their voices are at a suitable volume for now. It is still kind of early. No one has began smoking yet or put in any embarrassing music requests.

 this painting show is insensitive to people who are dairy free

Cheeses on the table draw a group together at the party. There are several kinds that have been cave-aged for months. Next to the beige-white and yellow blocks are different bottles of natural wine. The lack of oaky flavors in the wine is a boon if it?s pairing should bring out the ambrosial nuances of unpasteurized cheese, but few people at the party know this or really care. The cheeses are distracting and now the scene has been pumped full of slightly pungent smells wafting through the air, attracting those more epicurean than others, who are repulsed. One vegan person is feeling particularly uncomfortable. One man is struggling with a small brie knife while two out of town friends interrogate the host couple about the true benefits of biodynamic, low sulfite wine making.


The cheeses remain side by side, and no one can tell what methods went into the cultivation of each. Some people embellish what they know about cheese-making. Some people talk about bee-keeping and beer brewing. Later no one will want to dance because they all have eaten too much. Some people will even say they feel fatter. The amount of cheese consumed might also make sex, which some of the guests hoped to partake in, kind of gross by the night?s end.


The seven paintings I will present are inspired by the dinner parties I have attended throughout the year. Six are small geometric abstractions with the labels of artisanal cheeses collaged on the canvases. One is a larger portrait of a cheese monger named Jean. The painting of Jean functions to entice one to further consider the six other paintings. Western identity, alienation from the discourse of ?network painting?, and the elite sensibilities of the liberal culture industry were topics of my concern while

completing this show.



 i unforunately am very sick

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